About Social Services


The Prophet (s.a.w) said, “Give food to the hungry, pay a visit to the sick and set free the one in captivity”Sahih Bukhari

Our Vision: Promoting the well being of all human beings.

We aim to play an active role in alleviating the suffering of those in need in the community. Recognizing the emphasis Islam places on charity and caring for others, we are Muslims who care and we embrace the responsibility of helping the less fortunate as enjoined upon us by the Quran and Islamic traditions. Our Social Services are open to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, creed or any other discriminatory factor prohibited by law.

Our Goals:

  • Establish a sustainable system for financial assistance to help the less fortunate
  • Link those in need to available resources and useful social services.

Our Activities

Emergency Assistance

  • Provide emergency financial assistance to families in need.  We help those in need with rent, gas/food/groceries vouchers, bus passes, and payments for car repair, utilities, and medical expenses. Many recipients are single mothers and the homeless. Click here for more information

Food Shelf

  • Operate a food shelf once a month at 3 different locations
  • Conduct special food distribution programs during the month of Ramadhan

Visiting the Sick and Elderly

  • Visit patients at six different hospitals in the Twin Cities Metro: Unity and Mercy Hospitals, Augustana, Fairview Southdale, Fairview Riverside, St Joseph, Regions and Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Visit patients at Home
  • Connect with hospital administrators and chaplains to better understand the needs of the Muslim patients.

Services to the sick are available upon direct request from the patient, hospital, social workers or any other healthcare professional.