Shahada Packet

Since 2009 we have distributed several “Shahada Packets” to assist our new Muslim brothers and sisters as they learn about Islam. If you would like to request a packet, please email

  • Welcome letter
  • How to Pray Pamphlet
  • Glossary of Islamic Terms
  • Common Dua
  • List of Useful books and websites
  • List of local masajid and Islamic organizations in the Twin Cities Area
  • How to Pray DVD from the Deen Show
  • How to make Wudhu DVD from the Deen Show
  • Quran Translation – Saheeh International
  • “The Purification of the Soul”
  • “The Fundamentals of Tawheed” by Dr. Bilal Phillips
  • “Towards Understanding Islam” by Mawdudi
  • “Natural Blood of Women” by Shaykh Uthaymeen (this is to explain menstruation/other women related issues)