For Non Muslims


Need a presentation about Islam? A student group visit or school project? Curious about Islam? Want to learn more? Let us help you find the answers

We aim to answer questions about Islam, clear misconceptions which hinder the relationship between Muslim and non-Muslim communities, and promote mutual understanding and co-operation between Muslims and other communities

We do this mainly through:

  • Informational classes about Islam around the city.  We reach out for this ourselves
  • Our outreach booths and tables
  • Presentations at different venues by request. 

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your group, please email us at

If you are interested in receiving a packet with materials on Islam, please email

If your need is urgent, please do not hesitate to call us at (612) 615-9227



Surah al Fatiha/The opening (with English translation)  Surah al Fatiha (Arabic Only)

This is the opening chapter of the Quran and is recited in each of the five daily prayers that Muslims are required to perform

Surah al Ikhlas/Sincerity(with English translation) Surah al Ikhlas (Arabic Only)

This short chapter, which is the 112 in the Quran, is another often recited section and talks about the oneness of Allah and His attributes

Surah Maryam/Mary (with English translation) Surah Maryam (Arabic Only)

The 19th Chapter of the Quran, it talks in part about the story of Mary, mother of Jesus.