Da’wah Team

Sharing the message of Islam is an obligation for all Muslims.   This message is rooted in the Quran, Allah’s last book sent to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is a guidance for humanity to achieve true success in this life and the hereafter.

The da’wah committee’s primary focus is to create awareness about Islam. We seek to:

  • Educate Muslims about  the essence of Islam
  • Accurately present Islam to people of other faiths through various platforms
  • Answer questions about Islam and clear misconceptions
  • Promote mutual understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Building Blocks’ Da’wah Team Helpline
612-615-9227 [please do not call this number for financial help]


How do I get Involved

Everyone is welcome to join regardless of their current knowledge level.  As long as you commit to learning about Da’wah and its importance in this life.It is about 10 hours/month commitment including meetings listed below

  • Please read the info on this page and about our 5 teams.  Choose the team of your interest
  • Everyone must attend the trainings.We meet twice a month.  even if your team doesn’t work in public, you still need to attend training so we are all on same page about basic info on Islam
  • You can always change your team as needed in future
  • Dawah coordinator and Team coordinator advice and guide you as needed

The Building Blocks Da’wah committee has 5 teams that facilitate various outreach and educational activities.  Each of our 5 teams  has a specific purpose and the team’s coordinator can be contacted at the email addresses listed.


Education Team

The Education Team facilitates weekly education sessions in the Twin Cities.  Activities generally focus on increasing knowledge on Islam, with topics touching not only on religion, but also history, current affairs, and social activism.following are its 3 major projects.

Email: dawah.educate@thebuildingblocks.org


Da’wah Training Team

The Da’wah Training Team hosts bi-weekly training on how to present Islam to diverse audiences.  Trainees learn how to present the Concept of God in Islam, Islam’s articles of faith and pillars, and other topics that address common questions and misconceptions about Islam.   This team also strives to provide accurate and authentic information about Islam to local organizations and websites where misconceptions and false information is spread about Islam.

Email: dawah.training@thebuildingblocks.org


Da’wah Reach-out Team

This team reaches out to the  greater community through outreach tables and booths at different public locations and seasonal fairs.  Team members distribute learning materials as well as engage people in one-on-one conversations on Islam, in a casual and/or educational environment.

Email: dawah.reachout@thebuildingblocks.org


Da’wah Resources Team

The Resources Team provides educational material on Islam, including materials for New Muslims and non-Muslims. Contact the team directly for inquiries related to print and electronic media.  This is sole purpose of this team and coordinator directs to other teams as needed

Email: dawah.resources@thebuildingblocks.org


Reverts Team

The Reverts Team facilitates activities for reverts to Islam.  It holds educational and social activities around the Twin Cities, providing reverts with the information they need and introducing them to a supportive social network of other Muslims.  Shahadah Social is one of the activities of this Team.  Mentorship of new brothers and sisters is also managed thru this team