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Connecting the Dots . . .
…Connecting the Dots…

A small but continuous deed that connects you to
Divine Love, Divine Assistance!!!

The Prophet(saw) said, “Allah loves the consistent acts even if they are small.” He(saw) also said, “Allah will continue to assist the servant as long as the servant is assisting his brother.” (Muslim).
These are just some of the activities that Building Blocks have either brought to or co-sponsored within our community so far, and Alhamdulillah the list keeps growing:


Monthly Foodshelf | Family and Youth Camp | Da’wah Training | Sisters Volleyball | Brothers Swimming | Visiting the Sick | “Family Matters” | Food Drive | Clothing Drive | Emergency Assistance/Zakat-al Maal Distribution | Computer training | Youth Basketball | Table Tennis Tournament | Seniors Helpline | Tennis Tournament | Cricket | Clarifying the Meaning of the Shahadah | Why is Islam so special? | Snow Tubing | Presenting Islam in 5 minutes!! | Islam 101 | Family Day at the Zoo | Night in the Masjid | Soccer Tournament | Last Rites | Zakat-ul-Fitr Distribution | Udhiya Distribution | Arabic and Quran Classes | “Al-Farooq” | Profit Sharing | Sisters Tea Party! | A Conflict Examined – Palestine issue | Sister’s Playgroup

For more details of Building Blocks’ 2008 activities that have touched more than 6000 lives, please click here. You may also click on any program above to learn more about it.

Let us now connect the dots… Building Blocks has been continuously serving our community through its diverse community building programs and helping those in dire need. By contributing as little as $10 a month on an on-going basis, you are embarking on a consistent act that continuously assists our community. By applying the ahadeeth above, inshaAllah you will be connected to Divine Love and Divine Assistance.

You are of course always welcome and encouraged to donate more than $10 a month and inshaAllah you will see its weight in your scales on the Day of Judgment. Please email us with your Name, Address and Phone numbers at We will call you to setup automatic payments. Please do not let shaitan misguide you with procrastination. It cannot get easier – email us NOW and send your contact info.


O Allah, We ask You (to enable us) to do good deeds and avoid evil deeds, and to love the poor, and (We ask You) to forgive us, have mercy on us and accept our repentance… (Tirmidhi – hasan)