Food Drive 2017

The Prophet (S.A.W.) said, “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” [Reported by Al-Tirmidhi]

These are trying times for our brothers and sisters around the world as famine spreads, wars continue, and fear of the unknown leads to hatred of Muslims. These examples would certainly qualify as calamities—now is the time to protect your community from the injustice of hunger.

Give food at one of our participating locations through April 30 during our annual Food Drive. Even better, donate funds and help us stretch each dollar to buy more food through our partnerships with Second Harvest Heartland and local retailers. Our goal this year:
– To raise $15,000, which will help us run our monthly food shelf all year long
– To collect at least 10,000 pounds of non-perishable food items

When and where:
– Entire month of April
– Masaajid (mosques), grocery stores, schools (full-time and weekend schools) and local restaurants. See the locations below. Thank you to our community partners for your support!
Online on our website.

Tag us in your photos and use the hashtag #FeedTheNeed and #NeedtoFeed when you’re out dropping off food or donations for Building Blocks this April. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.